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Voi Phuc (Kneeling Elephant) Temple

Thang Long Tay Tran (Thang Long Citadel’s Western Guardian God Temple), also called Voi Phuc (Kneeling Elephant) Temple, with its large campus and lush green trees is one of the popular scenic places in Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi.

Hue temple of literature

Bach Ma National Park

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Top trends of Hanoi’s Cafe

Beginning a day with a cup of hot coffee is an indispensible hobby of many working Hanoians, though each one has his or her own way in his or her own favourite place. Coffee houses spread anywhere from sidewalk to office building, from being colorful to attract teenagers to offering more human-animal interaction in the busy Hanoi.

Best food of Hue

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Top 10 hotels in Hue (Part 2)

With the poetic and charming beauty, the ancient capital Hue is an ideal destination to spend your holiday. If you're planning your trip here and wondering where to stay, look at our suggestions below.

Asia Hotel Hue

A La Carte Danang Beach

The Scarlett Hotel

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Festivals And Events

Thay Pagoda Festival

The Thay Pagoda Festival celebrates Tu Dao Hanh's life with a procession of the monk's worshipping tablet, borne by representatives from four villages. The festival is celebrated by laymen with many water puppetry performances, particularly at the Thuy Dinh House in front of Tu Dao Hanh's pagoda.

New year traditional games